Nobody’s Home Walkthrough + Review

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Nobody’s Home is currently available on steam for 40% off, but it’s still a pretty cheap game nonetheless. At the time of writing, it only has 5 reviews — so hopefully this breakdown will give you a better idea of what to expect from this game.

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Steam cover page

Developed by Indie Game Dev oates. This Dev has been posting on Steam since 2022, and Nobody’s Home was available on seemingly prior to it being available on steam. It published on Steam on August 14th, 2023.

My own opinions on this game are after the Walkthrough portion.

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Walkthrough + Endings

You wake up in a horribly compromising position on a bed with a camcorder placed and facing your direction. You’ll want to be careful where you step, because stepping on shards of glass seems to have a % chance of decreasing your health by 1. 3 strikes, and you’re dead.

Ending 1: Typical Ending. Consumed

Don’t fret too much though, because this game is pretty forgiving with its healing items. Speaking of which, there are some on the desk in this room, so make sure you grab everything you can.

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nobodys home game walkthrough review 0004 room
Room you wake up in

If you head to the left, you’ll enter a bathroom and find even more items. If you talk to the shower, you’ll see somebody’s inside and their clothes have been stolen, so you’re tasked with finding them.

nobodys home game walkthrough review 0002 shower
Showering person

Go back to the room you woke up in and head downwards. You’ll enter a hallway, where you’ve got to be careful where you step again. Interact with the box, get the cigarette butt and grab the items on the counter. There is a hovering circle at the bottom of the hallway, step there and it’ll deplete one health but provide you another bottle. From there, press X on your keyboard to select your items and heal up.

When you walk too far left, you’ll automatically interact with the zombie. Zombies take 5 hits to defeat. Each broken bottle or beer can does 1 point of damage. Shoving also does 1 point, but deals 1 damage to yourself. You can do a mix of shoving and throwing items, or simply throw items. For your first walkthrough, this won’t matter too much.


You’ll get 1 piece of meat for every undead you defeat. Go left into the room with the staircase, and then go left again. You’ll enter another room with a plant encasing a pair of shoes that we’ll give to our shower friend. Feed the plant the meat and boom, new kicks. As always, make sure to grab all the items on the table.

Leave the way you came and go down the stairs. You’ll see another plant holding a top, but we don’t yet have meat for it. Keep going left and then upwards and you’ll enter a kitchen. If you go straight up at a hovering circle shadow, you’ll encounter a severed hand.

Severed hands only need 2 points of damage to die, same rules apply as the zombie. Defeat this hand and you’ll get your flesh. Talk to the car guy (or don’t, it doesn’t matter) and you’ll see he’s stuck in the trunk.

Leave the way you came and head to the right this time. This room is a bit smoky. You’ll see another circle shadow on the right side of this area and defeat another hand. Feed it to the plant in this room and you’ll get a pair of jeans. Note the door that’s bolted shut at the edge of the room, because we’ll come back soon. Finally, clothes!

Now you can go back up to the shower and hand our shower friend her clothes. In return, she’ll give you an inflateable doll. Head out of the room and go back to the area we got the shoes. Head all the way to the left and upwards, where it’ll prompt you to put down the party cups we’ve been collecting. From there, you can exit this area.

You’ll arrive at a pool area where somebody’s drowned or died in the water. Make sure you pick up all the items. You’ll have to hurt yourself quite a bit going along the right side of the pool in order for you to place the inflateable doll. You’ll run into a zombie along the way.

nobodys home game walkthrough review 0003 pool path
Pool room

Once you place the doll in the pool, you’ll interact with him and get the car keys. Go back to your buddy stuck in the trunk, and you’ll see that he’s either dead or simply not there anymore, because there’s no voice eminating from the trunk.

Regardless, if you crawl through the car you’ll enter a little shack where there’s a box on the far right side. You’ll get some bolt cutters from there. Head back to the room you woke up in and interact with the camcorder to get the cassette tape. Then, go back to the room where we got the Jeans and interact with the bolted door.

Put the cassette tape in the TV and play the little game. When you’re done, it’ll give you these numbers:

546 x9xxx

You’ll find that the cooler or something in the back now has a lid off. If you go in and go to the far door, you’ll get the first ending of the game.

Ending 2: Change Form

For this ending, you’ll need to not use any cigarette butts saving or fighting zombies, because we’ll be giving them to a different character.

Here are the locations of the Cigarette Butts, you need 4 in total:

1: Right outside the room you wake up in, in the box in the hallway

2: In the box beside the pool, you’ll have to go all the way around it

3: In the smoky room where the plant is that has the Jeans. Interact with the fireplace.

nobodys home game walkthrough review 0001 path
Path out of the Shed/Garage

4: (This one’s tricky) In the room where you acquire the bolt cutters, hug the bottom wall and eventually you’ll be able to leave the shack/garage. This leads to outside the home. Fight the zombie and interact with the box, and you’ve got your last cigarette butt.

nobodys home game walkthrough review 0000 box
Fourth Cigarette Butt

Take them back to the room you woke up in. At the top, there’s another door that leads outside. Here, on the right side, there’s a dark entity that craves nicotine. Give it all 4 cigarette butts and you’ll get Trembling Essence.

Proceed as normal until you get to the room with the corpse. Feed the corpse the Trembling Essence. When it offers you nicotine, take it.

In this ending, you get only 1 number:

*** **-1**

Ending 3: Defeat the Final Boss

For this ending, you can’t use any cigarette butts because you’ll need them to ignite the final boss. I didn’t test out this ending myself, but I would also caution using too many bottles/cans in the lead up to this fight. Try balancing out your Shoves on enemies like the Hands or Zombies and healing when necessary so you have enough cans for the fight, because it ends automatically when you’re out of moves.

Ending 4: Peeled Wrappers

Offer 14 Peeled Labels to the Vestige to get the Uneasy Essence.
Use the Uneasy Essense on the Twisted Corpse and accept the eternity.
Sit on the toilet.

(Reveals the Numbers: *** **4.)

Ending 5: Call the hidden number.

If you want to know the hidden number, click here to go to the wiki where they have it listed. I won’t spoil that just in case for you.

Happy Gaming!


I was stuck for almost an hour trying to figure out a few things — namely, that damn fourth cigarette butt. I could not visually see that you could leave the garage no matter how hard I tried; it’s sheer luck that I figured it out.

That, and the strange lever in the room with the TV that seemingly does nothing at all. I can’t help but wonder if these things are put in just to trick us or not, but I have a feeling that wasn’t the Developer’s intention.

Overall I enjoyed the game, but damn, going for those other endings was really rough and made me quite grumpy.

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