Nami Sano the Mangaka of “Sakamoto Desu ga?” Passed Away

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One of the talented mangakas who contributed to the manga industry, Nami Sano, passed away. The 36-year-old mangaka had to deal with cancer after being diagnosed for a month, before passing away on August 5.

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This announcement was made by Kadokawa’s Harta magazine editorial department on its official X account.  The editors of the magazine shared a glimpse of Sano’s last letter saying: “This ended up being a fun life. I am now going to a more free world. Goodbye.”

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Sano was known widely for her popular work “Sakamoto Desu ga?” (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto) which combines the element of comedy and slice-of-life showcasing various scenarios of a teenager named Sakamoto who has a cool demeanor turns ordinary situations into extraordinary ones. The manga’s popularity led to its anime adaptation, which aired in 2016 by Studio Deen.

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