Code Geass: Lost Stories Confirms Global Release Date

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code geass lost stories 3
code geass lost stories 3

Komoe Game’s mobile RPG adaptation of the popular “Code Geass” series just announced the official launch date for the global server. Code Geass: Lost Stories is ensured to arrive on App Store and Playstore on September 13.

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The strategy RPG recreates the events of the series with an original plot. The story will allow players to be the original main character, a half-Britannian and half-Japanese citizen who joins the Black Knights group. There will be cutscenes fully voiced with high-quality Live2D animations, with multiple iconic moments from the anime brought to this only official Code Geass game.

The game is currently holding a pre-registration session which gives various rewards to the upcoming players, as well as holding a giveaway campaign on its official X account. Co-developed by DMM Games and f4samurai, the game was already launched for the Japanese server in May 2022 and later expanded to the Chinese server early this year.

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