Black Clover Manga is Moved to Jump Giga Magazine

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As previously reported, due to the removal of Asta from Shonen Jump’s website banner, many fans and readers of the series had speculated wildly whether Black Clover will be moving away to another magazine, and it turns out, that thought is confirmed to be true by the mangaka himself, Tabata Yuki.

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Black Clover is confirmed to transfer to Shueisha’s other magazine “Jump Giga”, and the latest chapter is out in December. Please don’t be surprised by the long period of time for the new publication considering Jump Giga is released once every three months.

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With a handwritten letter, Tabata expresses his guilt and apology to his fans. He personally wanted to finish his work in the Shonen Jump magazine, but since he feels he can no longer keep up with the tight schedule and deadline per week, he then discussed his current struggle with the editorial team, and thus, now Black Clover must be serialized onward in Jump Giga.

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As stated and discussed in “Asta’s Removal” article, health probably has become the main concern behind this surprising decision considering Tabata had taken multiple hiatus in the last two years due to himself or his wife must go to the hospital.

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However, Black Clover isn’t the first big Shonen Jump manga to make a move to Jump Giga since Gintama also transitioned to this magazine during its final arc in 2019. The shift was obviously disappointing, but it must be noted, that because of the shift, Hideaki Sorachi the mangaka of Gintama could wrap up the story at his own pace, away from the weekly demands. Thus, it may be the same case and the best scenario at the moment for Black Clover and Tabata Yuki himself.

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